George Mullins

Born 4 July 1914, Ireland. Came to England at the age of fourteen. He put his age up so he could join the Irish Guards. He signed on for ten years, but was subsequently recalled at the outbreak of World War II in 1939 when he rejoined the Irish Guards. He was promoted in the field to major.

George was a great friend of the late Queen Mother. She always talked to him at the annual Trooping the Colour. They got on well together. Privately he was a proud man. He is the last link between Chelsea Lodge and the Chelsea Palace being the final manager before it was taken over by Granada TV. He went on to manage the Metropolitan Theatre, Edgware Road for two years.

George and Ivan Morgan, have remained pals since 1949. Says Ivan: "George was an oustanding Director of Ceremonies for seven or eight years following on from Benny Wright. He was a fantastic ritualist, probably one of the best the Lodge has ever had. In addition he was a good coach and taught the officers everything they ever wanted to know. When he retired as DC in 1998 the Past Masters organised a dinner to show their appreciation for his exemplary work. Quite simply he was a great pillar of strength to Chelsea Lodge.

George Mullins
George Mullins with Ivan Morgan in 1996,
friends since 1946

"As an ex military man his floor work was immaculate. I remember on one occasion at a rehearsal, the Deacons were looking at the ground and he shouted, ‘What are you looking for, money? Get your eyes up. You’re on parade now.’ He commanded huge respect. Nobody argued with him as he was 6ft 3ins and bore himself like a Guards officer the whole of the time."

Francis George Mullins was initiated into Chelsea Lodge on 20 March 1970. WM 1981. Made an Honorary Member, 20 March 2001.

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