Dr.Edward Callister PM M Mus Phd

Musician. Also known as Eddie Kaye. Born Liverpool on St George's Day, 1931 of Manx parents. His father was a professional musician and singer who played classical guitar and was a piano tuner when resting. His mother was a professional ballroom dancer. During the depression in the early 1930s his parents used to 'busk' on the streets in order to survive; his mother used to push him around in the pram whilst she went around with the hat. This is how he became interested in music.

When he was six years old Ted's father bought him a toffee hammer for his birthday and within a few days he had smashed all his father's classical record collection which were stacked in the corner of the room. One could say his music career started off with a bang.

He joined the RAF when he was 17 and was trained as a wireless operator. One of the highlights during his service was to be posted to Wilmslow in Cheshire which, at the time, was the camp for the Woman's Royal Air Force. He says it was a punishment camp for him as he hardly got any sleep and was always surrounded by girls in
the NAAFI where he used to play the piano at lunch times. He was in great demand at camp concerts, but was eventually posted abroad to No.4 Flying Training School in Southern Rhodesia. This was followed by a tour in Malaya, Korea and Japan serving with distinction attached to the United Nations.

When Ted was demobbed he went to live in London and in his spare time he played piano in pubs and clubs but his first choice was the guitar. He was advised by Denny Wright a friend of his to study music professionally if he wanted to succeed and suggested he go to The Central School of Dance Music. He was taught by Ivor Mairants, sometimes by Jack Llewellan or Roy Plummer.

It took him another 15 years of study at University in Bristol and Liverpool in between his professional work before he was satisfied with himself. His first audition was for the City Varieties at Leeds before going to Morecambe for a summer season working for Eddie Morrell.He has toured all over the country with a trio and played The City Varieties at Leeds, The Floral Hall Scarborough, The Empire Circuit, Alhambra Circuit, Pigalle Restaurant and many more working with various artistes such as Alma Cogan, Don Arrol, Al Read, Eddie Hart, The Deniz Brothers,
Francis Langfords Singing Scholars
, Morcambe and Wise, Tony Lester and Mike Hill

During this time he had learned to tap dance and do the general work required in production numbers. In 1965 he decided to work as a semi-professional as he was offered a job as a senior technician for Granada which meant travelling all over the South of England. Ted still continued with his music until he collapsed whilst playing the organ. He was diagnosed as having a rare incurable cardiac disease. Sadly this finished his career with Granada and he deteriorated to such an extent he became wheelchair bound. He was retrained in the field of watch and clock making and became a Craft Member of the British Horological- Institute then started his own business but further surgery affected his eyes so he had to give that up. Undaunted he opened a recording studio, as music was the only thing left in his life apart from his family.

In 1982 he asked his doctor if anything in Freemasonry could affect his health as he had been asked if he would like to become a member. Unbeknown to Ted his doctor was a Grand Officer, who told him: "Get out of those four walls you have been looking at for the past four years. You will meet many friends and enjoy it." Ted admits that Freemasonry did save his life. After 20 years of surgery the rest is history. He is a Past Master of Proscenium Lodge No.3435; Past Provincial Grand Organist (Norfolk); Past First Principle . Chelsea Chapter No.3098; Founder member of Sandringham Lodge No.9751; Norfolk Royal Air Force Chapter No.9584; and Honorary member Morning Glory Lodge No.9693. He is also a Freeman of the City of London.

Dr Edward Callister joined Chelsea Lodge on 19 September 1986. WM 1992.

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